• What We Do

    Support Roma human rights by providing free legal service




    The Association for Human Rights Protection of Roma - Stip was founded by the attorney Shenaj Osmanov in October 1997 to address the large number of cases of violations of human rights of Roma and to provide free legal aid to Roma individuals and families


    Association for Human Rights Protection of Roma - Stip Is a natural bridge between Roma from Macedonia and institutions. The
    organization raises awareness of Roma peoples’ human rights, obligations and greater involvement in the media and society on an
    equal status with all other peoples and it advocates for greater inclusion of Roma in primary, secondary and higher education.



    The mission of the AHRPR – Stip is observation, research and reporting for the human rights of Roma, providing free legal aid in
    cases of violation of human rights and the creation of conditions for development of Roma inclusion in the educational process.



  • Why does it matter?

    Providing free legal aid is cost-effective community building.

    Legal aid helps Roma people solve problems

    TENANTS facing wrongful eviction

    WOMEN who are victims of domestic violence

    WIDOWS needing public support

    CHILDREN needing special education or tutoring

    ELDERLY whose economic or health security is in jeopardy

    DISABLED PEOPLE denied opportunity

    IMMIGRANTS establishing residency

    STATELESS PEOPLE seeking identification


  • It starts with respect

    "Quality education for Roma children is both a basic human right and a great investment Macedonia can make in its future." - Zlatko Sarev

  • Projects

    Successful projects and events we have conducted

    Erasmus + project in Nyíregyháza - Hungary

    The topic of the project was "Stronger with Together" with an aim to help the youth to understand the principal of solidarity and citizenship. They also learned how to solve different problems in different fields.

    More pictures and videos on ZPR (AHRPR) facebook page.

    Erasmus + project in Sturovo - Slovakia

    The project with a topic "Roma entrepreneurship and disadvantaged people" took a place in Sturovo Slovakia between 29.07-03.08.2019. The participants had a chance to learn more about the entrepreneurship and the self employment. They also prepared business plan to use them in the future! As a memorial thats provided worldwide, the participants joined in a Roma Genocide Memorial in one Roma NGO in Sturovo Slovakia. More pictures and videos on ZPR (AHRPR) facebook page.

    Erasmus + project in Sturovo - Slovakia

    The topic of the project was "Gender roles are not pizza roles" with an aim to help the youth how to recognize the stereotypes, fight the discrimination and learn the anti - discrimination principles.

    More pictures and videos on ZPR (AHRPR) facebook page 

    New Projects

    A recently received grant from Rotary Club of La Jolla's International Committee provides us with funding for three exciting projects:

    • #RomaInspire: Roma Leaders Discussion Panel: A public event featuring inspiring, accomplished Roma individuals
    • Outside the Circle: Invisible in Society: Support current project funded by EU grant for materials for locating and aiding undocumented Roma individuals and families in eastern Macedonian cities
    • Creating a scholarship for a Roma Law School student to obtain a masters degree in Law

    Free Legal Clinic

    Operate free and open legal clinic high-traffic public corridor. Provide counsel in areas of identity documentation, public social and health services access, civil and family law. In 2018, more than 1,000 client visits occurred at our Stip office.

    Education of Roma Children

    Paired Roma children with educational tutors from Goce Delcev University Faculty of Educational Sciences to improve their educational performance and to increase their likelihood of advancing to college.

    Health & Social Services Workshops

    Provide Roma families and individuals with informative workshops on how to navigate and access available public education, health and social services.

    High School Student Workshops

    Provided Roma high school students with novel hands-on learning experience meeting local elected officials, receiving how-to instruction on CV and motivational letter writing, and basic civic budget planning workshop.

    #RomaInspire Campaign

    Developing campaign to inspire Roma to realize their potential in life through education, ambition and high-achieving role models.


    Campaign will include events, social media, workshops, tutoring and more. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact us for further information

    Outside The Circle: Invisible in Society

    Project funded by EU grant for locating and aiding undocumented Roma individuals and families in eastern Macedonian cities. ZPR Field team members visited dozens of Roma settlements in 7 Eastern Macedonia communities to identify individuals and families in need of legal assistance. This outreach provided valuable data for the project funders and it provided ZPR with higher awareness of conditions and challenges of the Roma population.

  • Who We Are

    Our dedicated team


    Executive Director

    Talented lawyer with a sterling reputation for helping make people's lives better. CV


    Attorney Volunteer

    Counsel to Executive Director and Client Counsel with decades of valuable experience CV


    Legal Service Volunteer

    Inspiring lawyer-in-training with an demonstrated commitment to helping needy clients. CV


    Associate Volunteer

    Dedicated administrative support volunteer



    Associate Volunteer

    Goce Delcev student and skillful administrative support volunteer CV


    Board Member

    Dedicated governance administrator



    Peace Corps Volunteer

    Serving as volunteer to ZPR since December 2017 CV

  • Our Partners

    Providing Free Legal Services to Roma peoples

    Peace Corps North Macedonia

    Site Partner

    Work site for Peace Corps Community Development Volunteer since 2017. Working with volunteer to:

    • Increase organizational effectiveness
    • Improve awareness of organization
    • Increase organizational capacity

    Roma CSO Network

    Charter Member

    Roma CSOs network as an active actor in policy making for Roma in Macedonia had a range of activities across different projects for Roma integration. The general conclusion is that it is necessary to strengthen their capacity to manage different projects that are programmed into IPA and other EU funds.
    On the initiative of Association for Roma Rights from Stip, InSoC – Initiative for Social Change from Skopje, and “Mesecina” from Gostivar has initiate the project “Roma CSO Network...


    Initiative for Social Change


    Initiative for Social Change – InSoC is an association of citizens established in March 2009. InSoC’s vision is ASCEND of each individual and the society as a whole, which implies building values towards sustainable development of the democratic values, rule of law, human rights and human capital, through social change and equitable national development. The work of InSoC includes…


    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


    As a provider of international cooperation services for sustainable development and international education work, we are dedicated to building a future worth living around the world. GIZ has over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment, energy and the environment, and peace and security. The diverse expertise of our.…


    Humanitarian and Charitable Roma Association Mesecina Gostivar


    Founded in 1993


    Mission: Development of material and human resources and distribution to marginalized groups in society, with special emphasis on Roma.



    Equal access of Roma to goods and services in society.


    International Summer School -Management in Conditions of Migration Crises


    Organization is intended for everyone who is interested, wants to gain a specific or develop their own knowledge in the area of effective and efficient reaction in the event of migration and refugee crises.


  • Good Articles & Videos

    Take a look and learn

    "Inclusion for Roma Youth - our priority"

    AHRPR's Project assistant Josif Rasidovski interviewed on local television STAR.

    Roma people do not have proper access to institutions.

    Our Executive Director interviewed by TV IRIS reporter Zoran Zarinski about Hate Speech and Roma access to institutions.

    News interview of Executive Director, Shenaj Osmanov

    Local IRIS news reporter Zoran Zarinski stopped by our offices for an update on the project "Outside the Circle: Invisible in Society". This project entails door-to-door surveying of Roma neighborhoods in the cities and villages of Eastern Macedonia.

    Statelessness, Discrimination and Marginalisation of Roma in the Western Balkans and Ukraine

    A good report on the challenges faced by Roma in the Balkans (image used with permission of errc.org)

    ZPR volunteer Josif answers questions about our current project "Outside the Circle"

    We are helping Roma people to get the identification documents they need. To read more, click here

    Каква Македонија сака Бочварски? What kind of Macedonia does Bochvarski want?

    Our volunteers participate in meeting with Stip mayor. To read more, click here

    TV Iris interview with Shenaj Osmanov, ZPR’s executive director

    The journalist Zoran Zarinski, from TV Iris came to ZPR office yesterday. Zoran was there to interview Shenaj Osmanov, ZPR’s director, about the organization’s current projects serving Roma peoples.

    "Here I Am - Legally Invisible"

    A life without proper identification papers is very difficult.

  • Upcoming Events

    Join our support our next gathering!

    Job Skills Workshop

    TBD 2018

    What do you need to know to get a job? What skills do you need? How can you start your own business.

    Education Encouragement Program

    TBD 2018

    Meet inspiring young Roma leaders who have good opportunities because of education

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